Thursday, July 07, 2005

iButton Nirvana!

If you use a lot of iButton temperature loggers on a regular basis, youmight want to download one of these macros that Luke Hunt has made available. The first is an Excel macro/script that pulls out the date/time and temperature data from text files created by Dallas Semiconductor's iButton Viewer program. It strips off the histogram data, the header information, and all that gobbledeegook at the end ofthe text file, and just puts two columns of data into your Excel spreadsheet. You can obviously do this manually by cutting and pasting, but if you've got a system set up with a bunch of iButtons that all get downloaded and processed at the same time, this macro is a real timesaver. The second macro Luke Hunt provided will do much the same thing, but it will pull data saved on Palm handhelds, if you download your iButtons in the field. That one is a Matlab .m file.

Check them out at LukeHunt's file page

Also take some time and persue LukeHunt's homepage and the rest of the Denny Lab website at