Monday, February 02, 2009


FYI for the three people in the world that might care about this. I finally got around to asking Affinity Bioreagents what happened to their MA3-001 Hsp70 antibody that was so effective on various molluscs. It was discontinued in 2006. The info from the customer representative:

"I checked our product files and was able to find information on the monoclonal antibody to Heat Shock Protein 70, the unpurified ascites product MA3-001. This product was discontinued in early 2006 because atthat time production was not able to recover good, active antibody thatrecognized HSP70 by our in-house Western Blot. Because after several attempts we could not produce good product, we were forced to discontinue this clone. At this point we do not anticipate bringing this product back into our product portfolio."

Abandon all hope...