Monday, August 07, 2006

EndNote stuff

Since I can't ever remember how to do this:

Using Endnote Cite While You Write in Word 2003 to format citations. If you want to add in a comment or some other note into a citation in the text that Endnote is formatting, you need to do the following:

What you want: (see, e.g., Smith, 2006)
The tricky part: (see, e.g., Smith 2006)

How to go about it:
Add in the citation as you normally would. With the citation in the text and formatted, right click on the citation and chose "Edit citation".

In the edit window, click on the citation you're going to modify (Smith, 2006). On the right side of the window, there is a line labled "Prefix". That's where you write the text you want to prepend to the citation. In this case, I would write the following:

see, e.g., \

The backslash is the important bit, as it tells Endnote that you've finished your prefix, and to then stick on the citation. Click OK and return to Word.

You should now see your desired (see, e.g., Smith, 2006) formatted correctly.

For multiple author lists where you want the note at the start of the list, it appears that you find the citation in the list that is being inserted first in the list, and write your prefix in front of that citation (using the Edit Citation window as before).

If you want to use a semicolon in your note, you must precede it with a back single quote (usually on the ~tilde key on the upper left of your keyboard).

For example, to get: (blah blah; Smith 2006)
Enter the following in the prefix line:

blah blah`; \

The ` back apostrophe lets you use the semicolon, and the backslash denotes that the prefix is done.

More info can be found by searching the Help file for info on About Temporary Citations (Add-In), Citation Prefix, or Citation Prefixes (CWYW)